Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's been a little crazy around my world. My mom has been sick and needed to spend the week in the hospital. Not an easy way to spend my time. I'm her person, as Meredith from Grey's Anatomy would say. Thanking God each day for my amazing husband who picks up the pieces with our family, despite his own busy schedule. Although it has been heartbreaking to see my mom so ill, I've had to remember all of what I've truly been blessed with in my life.

I'm happy to officially start my new blog. There have been pieces of my "former self" I've missed, and  this was definitely one of them. Now that I've vowed to keep this blog real, and to feel free enough to post whatever I feel necessary at the time, I won't have to worry about keeping it strictly craft related. With that, I'm hoping I'll be wanting to post more often. The technology is so amazing anymore that I can even post on the go! I'm really looking forward to that. Seriously.

Work keeps me moving, as always. And I always find a happy place when teaching my Zumba classes. The new year brings new people to class. Now that February is here, I just hope they continue to stick around:). I've also returned to the land of crafting. So glad. You have no idea. Just a few layouts and cards in, and I've completely fallen back in love with the art form I loved what seems like forever ago. My craft space can actually be seen (and then used) once again. Plus my girlie has been asking to have a space near me:). We'll definitely be working on making that happen!

Hoping I might find a few followers out there once again!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Starting Fresh...

Here I am. Ready to post all things from my crazy life. My life is full of many things, so I intend to share it all here. Scrappy life. Kid life. School life. Fitness life. Happy life. Sad life. It's all life, and it's all what makes me, well, ME.

Here's to starting fresh. Sharing me and my crazy life.